Git it done one line at a time, even if you’re Guten’ tired, because code is poetry, and words press on as long as you renew your hosting.

(This is what I remind myself of often. If you Git it, you’re my kind of people.)

what I’m up to:

Nerding up the internet.

Howdy, I’m Jenni McKinnon: A WordPress and web developer, technical copywriter, and digital marketer for over 20 years, and nearly as long for WordPress.

I head up WP Pros(e), a copywriting company.

I write words that are fit to press for all the things related to WordPress, and web technology. From the Gutenberg plugin and WordPress core, to web hosting reviews, and digital marketing. I’m not shy about writing precisely, concisely, with panache, and professionalism, all while being punny.

Site needs finesse?
Don’t distress—
Use WordPress.

Jenni McKinnon

I must confess
I love WordPress.

It’s not just the software itself, but the vision behind it of striving to democratize publishing.

That’s why I got so excited, I hyperventilated when I first learned about it. (Too bad the Way Back Machine couldn’t capture that.)

Since then, I have written for popular WordPress blogs such as WP Rocket, Envato, Sitepoint, Pagely, GoDaddy, and I’ll cap it there because we don’t have all day.

I do my best to give back because WordPress, its vision, and its community, by and large, is supremely !important to me.

I’m also the Marketing Lead and Media Partners Liaison for Big Orange Heart. It’s a supportive, online community for remote workers that’s focused on mental wellness. Twice a year, we run a large online conference called WordFest Live for levelling up your skills as a remote worker. It also includes a lot of WordPress topics.

I have also started contributing to the WordPress #docs team. So far, I’m working on documentation for Gutenberg blocks. If you haven’t started contributing to WordPress, but you’ve been thinking about it, I would 11/10 highly recommend it. You get 🍪🍪🍪 too.

Just to brighten your day, here are a couple of my favorite WordPress and web development jokes…

WordPress and dad jokes; that’s my whole parent theme.

Josh Collinsworth

I have a WordPress cron joke, but you won’t get it because nobody visits my site.

Jake Spurlock

Jenni McKinnon

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