Jenni McKinnon

Hi, I’m Jenni McKinnon.

I’m a marketer, copywriter, WordPress and web developer, and have been for over 20 years, and nearly as long for WordPress. I’m also heading up WP Pros(e), a copywriting company for WordPress and web technology.

I spend my time writing, and editing high-quality copy with personality and panache as well as working on my new startup – a marketing firm that’s currently in the pipeline. When she finally decides to stop working, she shifts her passion to kickboxing and sticking her nose in books.

A special message for everyone in light of the recent events with COVID-19:

My heart goes out to all those affected, to their families, emergency and essential service staff, and to everyone affected including those in quarantine and self-isolation. I sincerely wish everyone the best and hope healing comes swiftly as I continue working from home while practising social distancing. In lieu of a hug, here’s a digital one.

I seem to be everywhere with bylines in the GoDaddy, WP Rocket, Envato, Pagely, Sitepoint and WPMU DEV blogs as well as many others.

Code in a development app.

The WordPress post editor.

Feel free to reach out to me on social media:

Want to Work With Me?

Sounds great. You can find me and reach out to me over on WP Pros(e). I look forward to (virtually) meeting you.